Olga Garcia-Guerra

In the Summer of 2010, I was looking for an alternative medium to photography. I developed an interest in scanography - the art of creating pictures with a scanner. I like to use a visual grammar employing surrealistic images to evoke memories and emotions important for my formation as a person and artist. My early memories of Cuba, Cultural Assimilation and Human Rights lie at the basis of my subject matter. I work mostly with found objects, the selected objects that I use are my nouns, verbs and adjectives that guide me in a sort of storytelling route to recovery of a memory. The scanner is an endless source of challenges that I find intriguing. I enjoy experimenting with light, movement, liquids, depth of field, colors and layers. Every so often, I find myself haunting thrift stores and garage sales for objects that will evoke and express a certain spirit that would be otherwise elusive.