Lauf left the Netherlands in 2002 to pursue his artistic desires in New York at a time

when his experience as a artist started to stifle him."My art is the expression

of my voice and I reached a point in the Netherlands where my voice was 

beginning to wane" , says Lauf  "so I decide to take a leap of faith,

leave Amsterdam and fulfill a dream I always had of being able to do what I love in

the best city in the world,New York."


"What motivates me is similar to what motivates other artists,whether they are

musicians, painters, or architects. It may sound cliched, but passion drives me.

The love I have for my work is so intense at times that it becomes more important

to me than breathing. But other times I feel it's not enough to motivate me, and

that's where my curiosity kicks in."


Lauf believes people will either love or hate his work,but either way,there

will be something in his imagery that will provoke some sort of reaction or

dialogue. "The ultimate response will be if people actually learn something about

themselves by seeing my work."